Email Hosting

Your email is critical to your business.  We understand that.  We also understand that consumer email services just don’t cut it for business, especially not for attorneys and law firms.  That’s why we offer business class email services.

Why business class?

It’s simple.  Consumer class email isn’t secure, doesn’t offer the reliability business customers need, and often doesn’t meet e-discovery requirements.  Our email solutions meet and exceed the needs of most businesses.

More Information

Our email servers and our datacenter are secure.  Very secure.  Extensive-background-checks-and-biometric-security secure.  Consumer class email doesn’t offer you an SLA.  In other words: There’s no guarantee your email will be available and there’s no recourse if their servers go down or your email becomes inaccessible.  This is simply not acceptable for business email.  That’s why our SLA guarantees you that your email will remain accessible.  If one of our servers goes down, others will pick up the slack and you won’t lose access.

Increasingly, when litigation rears its ugly head, discovery compliance involves turning over ESI (i.e., electronically-stored information).  This includes email.  Does your current email solution maintain archives to make sure that you are e-discovery compliant?  Don’t wait until you’re hit with discovery sanctions to find out that your current email solution isn’t up to par.  We offer complete domain archiving.  In other words, we offer archiving of every email that is sent or received from your domain, ensuring you can comply with any discovery order for ESI.

Why hosted email?

Some businesses try to take their email services in house.  This can be an expensive and frustrating process.  First, there are the decisions: Microsoft Exchange, OS X Server, or a Linux-based solution?  IMAP or POP3?  What to do about power outages and server crashes?  Then there’s figuring out the hardware demands for your business.  Then the server has to be configured, maintained, and secured.  An unsecured server is an open invitation to data thieves who can cause financial harm to your business or even expose you to liability.  And servers don’t just have to be secured on the software side, there’s also the hardware side to consider.  Is your server room secure enough to prevent unauthorized access?  Ours is.  The technicians with physical access to our servers have to pass extensive background checks and are identified by two levels of biometric identification.

By hosting your email with us, you don’t have to deal with installation, security, or updates.  We handle all of that for you.  Need new email addresses deployed?  Contact us and we’ll get that set up for you right away.

Our server configuration is robust and will make sure you can access your email no matter what may come.  Power failure?  We have our own generators.  Server crash?  Your email services are distributed across multiple servers so that if any server crashes, the others take over without interruption to your access.  Software updates or security patches?  We keep our servers updated and hardened against cyber threats so your information stays safe and secure.

Oh, and we don’t scan your email to offer you advertisements, unlike some other services.  You’ll never see advertisements in your email inbox because we believe the only thing you want to see when you’re accessing your email is just that: your email.

What’s the cost?

Our email prices are straightforward, because we know you have better things to do than calculate hosting costs.

Our standard email accounts start at $60 per user per year and include 25GB of storage per account.

Our Exchange email accounts are $120 per user per year and include 25GB of storage per account.

Need Exchange licenses?  We offer them for a low as $60 per year.


We offer free migration services for ten or fewer email addresses.  For larger migrations, we charge $80 per 100 users.


We do offer discounts for bulk orders.  A hundred users? A thousand? More?  The more the merrier.  There’s virtually no limit to the number of email addresses we can support.